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When in Doubt, Black it Out!

Obama’s favorite new slogan:¬† “Do as I say, not as I do!”

In an effort to appease the left wing dogs of socialism with transparency, Wonder Boy el Savior de Marx released classified information to the public concerning our intelligence agencies’¬† interrogation techniques.¬† Ollie North suggested this document would be edited and spread around the world as propaganda by our enemies.¬† Well, he was right. Except for the fact it didn’t have to reach the hands of our enemies. It was edited for propaganda by Obama el Savior de Marx’ administration before even being released!¬† They conveniently left out passages indicating that incredibly valuable information was obtained through interrogation and used to disrupt al Qaeda and preserve life in the U.S. of A.

Transparency my ass!

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Here Comes the Socialism

Dick Morris wrote an article recently, outlining Obama’s plan to shift the preferred stock in banks the government acquired through the bailout deals¬† to common stock.¬†¬† The government will have majority control over the common stock and be able to influence the decisions of private industry and financial institutions. This is called government planning.


Whats worse is the Obama administration is bullying these companies into these positions and refusing to allow them to pay the money back to reclaim their ‘independence’ without meeting requirements set by who?…….The Obama administration!

The government has no business owning business. Period.

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John Kerry Stands Behind Toilet Paper Industry Bailout

Here he comes to save the daaaay!……… :-/

The always irrelevant
John¬† “If you don’t [do your homework]¬† you get stuck in Iraq [because troops are dumb]” Kerry
is here to save the newspapers. That’s¬† “toilet paper industry” to you non-right wing terrorists that don’t recognize most newspapers as liberal crap collectors. And they wonder why they are bankrupt.

“I am committed to your fight, committed to your industry and committed to ensuring that the vital public service newspapers provide does not disappear,” Mr. Kerry told the Globe employees.

Hmmm, smells like more taxpayer dollars to me… I wonder what the other implications of interfering with free market capitalism could be? Oh wait, here they are:

Last month, Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin, Maryland Democrat, introduced the Newspaper Revitalization Act” that would allow papers to operate as nonprofits, prompting many analysts to examine the political implications of the tactic.

I suppose the idea here is to throw your money at the¬† socialist rags to keep them¬† ‘floating’.¬† Remember “Village Idiot” Biden says its your patriotic duty to pay taxes! So who wants to be¬† a patrtiot and send Obama a check to support the New York Times?

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CNN Infidel

CNN Infidel!! A reporter from the Communist News Network shows up to “report”on our ‘extremist’ activities and instead argues with protesters and injects her own political views. Why is she still employed? Still think news channels are unbiased? A good find by Tom from Ocala, FL and thank you to the guys (Founding Bloggers I presume) who produced the video.

UPDATE: CNN apparently has tried to censor the video claiming copyright infringement or some such nonsense.¬† Fortunately the video can still be seen here. Founding Bloggers caught flak for producing the video even though major news networks have repeatedly shown the video without any resistance from CNN.¬† That’s how Communists operate. Censorship.¬† Pick on the little guy.

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Senator Feinstein Thanks You for Your Donation

Senator Feinstein,¬† she-devil apprentice from California, decides $25 billion of your tax dollars should go to a federal agency that routes money to her husbands business….which just happens to get paid higher than the typical industry standard.

Such generosity from the taxpayers! How noble of you all to ensure Feinstein lives much more comfortably than you off your money!

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Treacherous Lies

David Axlerod should be a comedian.

In response to the Tea Parties, Axlerod said this:

“The thing that bewilders me is that this president just cut taxes for
95 percent of the American people,” Axelrod argued.

Here’s the punchline:¬† 40% of Americans don’t pay taxes.¬† So sending them money is called welfare.¬† For the rest of you workers out there, hold on to your¬† extra $17 dollars, you’re gonna need it.

Continue reading Treacherous Lies

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Socialist, Meet Socialist

Is there any real surprise His Excellency, Obama el Savior de Marx,¬† had no problem smiling and giving one the most anti-American, outspoken socialists a good ol’ pat on the back ?¬† Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan a-hole that gets on the radio every morning and tells his subjects how great socialism is and how wonderful of a job he’s doing.¬† The same guy who made sure election terms were abolished in his country to ensure his continued dictatorship. The same jerk that announced to the world his love affair with the Iranian regime and Castro. Nope, no surprise here.

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Don’t Forget, You’re a Racist Redneck

Fate has brought Janeane Guavera, a so so liberal, second rate actress and Keith Olberterd,  rabid liberal host of one of the worst rated cable news shows together to foam at the mouth and spread stupidity to the masses.

Fortunately, we terrorists know two crazy liberals don’t make a right (and definitely don’t make a point), they make two arrogant, hypocritical, liberal racists.

Here is a fantastic article pointing out the hypocrisy of these two and how they use blacks to promote their socialist agenda. I like this guy!

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Half Ass’n it

Janet from the Dept. of Hostile Socialists gives a half-ass apology…”to an extent“….”

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UNC Chapel Hill Socialist Party

OH NO! One of our terrorist agents has been revealed and silenced by the UNC Chapel Hill Socialist Student Party - Che Guavera Chapter!

Don’t forget to attend a
Tax Day Tea Party

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